Monday, July 19, 2010

Kick it, kick it, yeah, that's the ticket

It's been four years since I've done group fitness, outside of team sports.

It was a boot camp with Soldiers of Fitness. They were opening up shop in Calgary and needed some promo time.

So, the Sun sent me over. Truth be told, I volunteered. I needed to get something going after letting my gym membership lapse due to financial restrictions at time.

They yelled and hammered me into shape - the best shape I'd been in for years. I picked up the nickname Cadet Abs, too, because I was strong through the core and kicked everyone's ass when we were doing crunches.

The opportunity to return to 'boot camp' recently arose and since my wonderful, amazing and inspiring friend Terri Champagne is running the show, I couldn't say no.

It's a bootcamp rife with Twitter people. Some of them will get to meet the real me and find out I'm not as interesting as I pretend to be on the internet.

That's not scary.

What is intimidating about the group fitness experience is my ability to focus on the task at hand when I'm surrounded by other people.

At the gym, I have the mirror and I have my MP3 player. I turn up the volume, load up Slipknot or Tool and feel there's one person and one person only in the room.

The accomplishment of pushing (or pulling) the iron is mine and mine alone.

So, here's me opening myself back up to an old experience.

I don't expect Terri to yell at me like the boys of SOF did, call me a 'weakling' and bark orders for '10 more!'

I do expect a burpee or two.

And I expect to get my ass kicked into high gear.

But stay tuned here to find out, along with me, the things I didn't expect.

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