Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finding my Zen

I sleep ... truly, deeply sleep when I'm near water waves.

I grew up near the Atlantic Ocean. Beaches were no more than a 20-minute drive in three different directions. I have such fond memories of family trips to the beach, playing in the sand, feeling the hot sun and the cool, salt breeze on my face.

Many years later, after moving out west, I was having a particularly dreadful summer of stress and terrible bouts of insomnia and, when I did sleep, it was restless. I was a living zombie.

My then boyfriend planned a weekend to the Shuswap with friends for my birthday. We arrived in the late afternoon and within an hour of being on the lake, I was feeling sleepy and told everyone I was heading to our room for a nap.

Our bedroom in the cottage overlooked the water.

I threw open the window to let in the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore.

Within seconds, I was out.

When I awoke, it was daylight. The spot beside me in bed was empty and there was commotion downstairs.

The group was assembling for brunch.

I slept through a raucous party, several attempts by my boyfriend to stir me and the morning sun blasting into our room.

I slept for 16 hours that night.

There's a peacefulness in the sound of water, hearkening back to a more innocent time.


And thus, I am drawn to it. I love being near water, I love the sound of it and I love taking pictures of it.

It is my Zen.

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  1. Ahhh, I love it. It even brought a few tears to me eyes (though I am a little overly emotional these days).

    I hope you find water often, Angela.