Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hammering on the gavel

It's been a long time since I was corralled into a classroom to learn the Roman Catholic teachings of Jesus.

There was the usual ... be nice to others, don't steal, don't kill, yadda yadda yadda ... all the things that make for a good all-around person, not necessarily a good Christian.

And there's always that judgment thing ... you know, the one where Jesus says we shouldn't judge others because we open ourselves up to their scrutiny?

I came across that tonight, learning myself another big lesson on The Pit Stops of life.

I was happily blasting my cardio on the elliptical, sprinting at the bottom of the 'hill' and eagerly anticipating my round of plyos before going home to collapse on the couch.

I Tweeted one of my typically vapid observations about eye candy at the gym, to which someone responded: "Have you SEEN some of those guys at the gym? Not much going on upstairs."

To which I replied snarkily: "Yes, I SEE them all the time. But nowhere did I say I was going to ask them to split atoms for me."

It stuck with me, though, as I moved from medicine ball to fitball to balance board.

Wait a second, I've dated my fair share of muscle-bound freaks. ... from bodybuilders in my early 20s to powerlifters and your everyday gym rats in my 30s.

Rarely did I ever complain that they didn't have 'much going on upstairs.'

Inattentive? Yes. Often preoccupied? Certainly. Cheaters? Oh hell, let's not go there ...

But stupid? No.

Because as my close friends well know, I don't tolerate stupidity well.

And wait another damn second, I've been a self-proclaimed gym rat for more than 10 years. I take pride in the way my traps pop when I'm doing shoulders, I boast about my 240-pound squat as everyone on Twitter knows and I love the way my torso is starting to form a V after a few years of not paying attention to my nutrition.

Does that make me stupid?

Pardon me for a moment but I claimed my high school diploma at the age of 16 and my baccalaureate degree from a nationally ranked university at 19.

'Not much going on' does not apply here.

But yet we see a man who takes pride in his appearance and who lifts the big iron and we assume he's a big ole dummy.

Bodybuilder = stupid.

On the contrary, they know more about the human body than the average ... well ... human. They know a ton about musculature and food. And they're passionate about what they're doing.

What's funny is when I clicked through to the respondent's profile, the bio read 'Christ follower.'

I wonder would this individual look at a fat person and think 'lazy'? Or at a black person and think 'thief'? Maybe a Middle Eastern and think 'terrorist'?

Maybe not.

But it all draws a parallel to judging people on their appearances.

And maybe it's time to stop doing that.

Not for the sake of being a good 'Christ follower' but for the sake of being a good all-around human being.

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