Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Walking in the sun

It's been a long time ... a lifetime, in fact.

I grew up with three brothers. There were two other girls close in age to me in my neighbourhood. They were outnumbered by boys.

I had dolls but I never really wanted to spend too much time playing with them. I wanted to be outside, playing cowboys or war or hide-and-go-seek with my brothers and their neighbourhood pals.

Boys were my playmates in the summer time and after school. It felt so natural to transition into a career dominated by men. I chose sports writing ... you can't get much more testosterone-centric, really.

My best friends have been typically male. The women I let close to me were similar to me ... they shunned many female friendships, finding it easier to trust men.

Times have changed. I'm no longer a sports writer. I've developed my feminine side ... mostly in the realm of shoes and clothes and makeups.

Along with that has come an ability to better identify with my 'sisters.' We talk, we vent, we philosophize, we dream, we rage, we shop, we create ... we want to improve ourselves and we want to improve the world.

So to my complement of girlfriends, I dedicate to you and apologize for committing an atrocious cliche.

But I do love you all.

Take it away, Cyndi.

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