Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's gonna be a good ... night?

I don't check my Hotmail account very often.

I diverted people away from it as my main email source almost a year ago. Now I use it for a newsletter dump and that place to send corporations who absolutely need to have a place to find me.

Like my photography newsletters, recipe sites and That Online Dating Site.

Yes, I still have my account active ... despite months of checking my Inbox and thinking 'oh come on, you're kidding, right?'

There's one fella, nice enough, from the homeland, athletic, good looking ... we've been conversing for the last couple of weeks. But we're both super busy people and it may be hard to really connect.

Tonight, I checked to see if he'd replied the message I sent him four days ago. My Hotmail inbox was showing six new messages, one from him.

So I logged in and plowed through the messages ... no, nope, no way, seriously?

And the one from Nice Guy.

Then there was the Whoa! Tall (six-foot-four), dark and handsome ... and he gets it. From his message to his profile, I got the whole (pointing two fingers at my eyes, pointing two fingers at your eyes and reversing back and forth quickly) ... you know.

It just so happens I still had my MP3 player on after coming home from the gym. At the same time, this song was playing.

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