Monday, April 26, 2010

Have you gone home yet?

Dear Peaches,

I hope you're doing OK.

It tore my heart out to leave you at Calgary North Animal Hospital.

I don't know your real name. But I'm calling you Peaches because of your sweet demeanour.

You trusted me and I knew you were scared when the vet put that leash on you. I knew you were terrified as she led you into that room away from me.

I knew you would spend the night alone in a cage.

And I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, lost and alone.

I know you are loved even though I found you wandering in the park with no collar, tags or tattoo.

You easily loved back, huddling into my arms when I scooped you off the ground. You found your spot in the back of my truck and nestled into the blanket, close to Shep but not so close to get trampled by the big galoot.

I didn't want to take you to the city facilities, knowing the fate which may befall you if your owners don't come looking for you.

But you're blind from glaucoma and Dana says you may have Cushing's disease.

Your medical conditions are more than I can handle right now. You need attention and care, more than I can give.

I checked the 'yes' box next to 'willing to adopt' but if the city calls, I'm afraid I have to say no.

And I'm so sorry for that.

Because no puppy deserves to be alone.

Especially one as full of love as you.

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