Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A betrayal of my sisterhood

Editor's note: This is not a picture of my actual closet. I do NOT own a bathrobe with little chicks all over it. I was just too lazy to pull out my camera, take a picture, upload it ... yada yada yada ... you get the ... er ... picture.

OK, closet ... the second I hit 'Publish Post,' it's you and me for about a half an hour.

Here's the deal.

You are going to have to say goodbye to a couple of your friends.

I know, I know ... saying goodbye is never easy, but this is something that has to be done. Frankly, I'm a clothes whore. We both know it.

And you can handle only so much weight. See? I'm thinking of you in all of this, too ... plus the new clothes I bought at Dynamite on Monday.

They need a new home. See? Doesn't that get you excited?

We also can consider the people who will benefit from our doffing of extra clothes, because I'll be making a trip to a donation location this weekend.

So, it's really up to us how many garbage bags we fill with the clothes I don't wear anymore, clothes that don't fit anymore or clothes that just aren't quite 'with it' anymore.

We may cry. We may have to hug it out later. But we'll get through it together.

After all, there's no reason on this planet why one woman should own 10 pairs of denim jeans or seven pairs of pyjama pants, three red T-shirts, five black boobie blouses.

(No, girls ... there really isn't any reason for one person to own seven pairs of pyjama pants. Trust me.)

Of course, if we leak that information out to the guys, I may be in a world of hurt. We'd better keep that a secret, OK?

And look on the bright side ... there's a new pair of Naughty Monkeys on the way ... our eighth pair!

Shoes! New shoes!

See? It won't be that bad. Now, let's get to it.


  1. You do So have a robe with tiny chicks on it!

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