Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just some shooting

Oh, you thought I didn't do any shooting last weekend, didn't you?

You're wrong. I did.

I just haven't had any time to get anything posted here. It was Wednesday before I got the shots processed and ready to share.

So here are a couple of my favourites from last weekend. And of course, one is of Shep.

I'm not even sure what it is about this shot, but I just love it. I tried to get once before but the light wasn't right and he was too far away. This time, the backlight was strong enough and I got some awesome shadows.

I think I love it because even though he's walking away, I know he'll always come back to me. And that instils in me a sense of comfort and security.

Then there's Madison. So angelic, so innocent, so photogenic. She's the 10-month-old daughter of my friends Mark and Andrea and I couldn't help but keep my lens close to her.

And finally, this was one of those 'holy crap, I gotta stop the truck moments!'

The mountains behind the Calgary skyline were on fire, it seemed. So, I found a spot in Bridgeland, still high up enough for a freespace with nothing in front ... no trees, no rooftops.

Although I did pull over in a residential area and aimed my shot between two yards, so the folks might have thought I was a bit nutty ... or creepy. Whichever.

I still don't have the best lens or a tripod but, I think, for the gear I do have, it worked nicely.

Now, about this weekend ...


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