Thursday, January 7, 2010

How our standards have changed

Fuck Nickelback.

Chad Kroeger and his boys from Alberta were a little-known Canadian band until they burst onto the American music scene in the early aughts with their album, Silver Side Up.

The single, Never Again, shot up the charts hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks in 2002.

The song, which I'll admit was OK given that it was before Nickelback started rolling down the road of fabricated concert rock, was critically acclaimed for its focus on domestic abuse. The words are written through the eyes of a child who regularly watches his mother being abused by the husband.

But, you see, 20 years before that, Motley Crue created a video that was considered quite graphic for the day. Some mulleted rocker freaks out during a fight with his wife/girlfriend, grabs a knife and kills her.

According to the song's Wikipedia entry, Jon Bon Jovi says it was the best song Motley Crue ever wrote. Nikki Sixx wrote it because he thought his then girlfriend was cheating on him with General Hospital star Jack Wagner, who had a ballad on the charts, All I Need.

The words are somewhat chilling and I'll warn you the video is a tad dark for those who haven't before seen a girl acting dead getting zipped into a body bag.

While you're watching, though, keep in mind some of the things we've seen in videos from the late '90s and on, especially teen tramps and gangsta rap.

Then let me know whether this is really all that graphic.

The blade of my knife faced away from your heart
Those last few nights it turned and sliced you apart
This love that I tell now feels lonely as hell
From this padded prison cell
So many times I said you'd only be mine
I gave my blood and my tears and loved you cyanide
When you took my lips I took your breath
Sometimes love's better off dead
You're all I need
Make you only mine
(I loved you)
So I set you free
I had to take your life
You're all I need
You're all I need
And I loved you so
But you didn't love me
Laid out cold now we're both alone
But killing you helped me keep you at home
I guess it was bad cuz love can be sad
But we finally made the news
Tied up smiling I thought you were happy
Never opened your eyes I thought you were napping
I've got so much to learn
About love in this world
But we finally made the news.

You're all I need make you only mine
(I loved you) So I set you free
I had to take your life (all I need)
You're all I need and I loved you so
So I put you to sleep
You're all I need
Make you only mine
You're all I need (all I need)...

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