Friday, December 4, 2009

Life and its little surprises

Those are the Pit Stops ... the surprises along the way.

This morning, I hit one of those pit stops that was like a Wendy's in the middle of the nowhere on the 401 through Ontario.

While I was pounding away on my keyboard last night, Tweeting to my little heart's content, my Gmail notifier, flashed ... 'So-and-so wants to add you as a friend on Facebook.'

What? Who? Noooooooooooo ...

He had the most awesome mullet (come ooooooon, it was 1987!). He was tall. He looked surly all the time.

And his brother was the lead singer of a band. A band!

I had the hugest crush on him. And back in those days, I wasn't near as gregarious as I am today. I was shy ... scared to say more than a peep for fear I would say something inappropriate.

(Now I just say inappropriate shit whenever I feel like it. Ha!)

I would ask him to dance. He always seemed to comply begrudgingly. He would nod, maybe grunt in my general direction and then stare over my head the entire time.

We would commit the egregious act of the High School Shuffle, stepping side to side, sometimes throwing a kick into it, awkwardly snapping our fingers and bobbing our heads in time to the beat.

We may have slow danced once or twice ... at one of the Parish Centre dances I attended, despite my father's lack of approval. I'm sure I wrote about it in a long-since-lost diary, the words surrounded by little hearts and my never-to-be signature, Mrs. Angela Crush.

I was grinning ear to ear when that little 'Confirm' button on his friend request, anxious to check out his profile and learn what he's been up to these past 20-some years.

So, it was with another ear-to-ear grin I opened my email this morning to read this message: The Crush has sent you a message on Facebook.

"I had the most amazing crush on you then and thought you were the most beautiful girl around," he wrote. "I wanted to ask you out but I was shy and thought you would say no, and the rejection would have killed me!"

Truth be told, I replied, if he had asked me out, I probably would have looked around for the first hole in the earth to jump into.

I wouldn't have been allowed to go out with him anyway, given the strict rules my parents gave me when I was growing up.

I won't lie. His message made my day.

And I hope it isn't the last hear from him.

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