Thursday, December 31, 2009

Don't just stand there

Yeah, there's something to a rappin' white chick, isn't there?

I dunno.

Last weekend, I was in Spokane. My buddy's friends decided we were hauling off to a karaoke bar. Honestly, I was a tad too inebriated to protest and too unfamiliar with the lay of the land to suggest another option.

I already had bragged about my talent with Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby.

One of the girls signed me up and I promise you ... I rocked the smoke outta that bar. It was said to my friend: 'Holy crap, dude, she isn't even looking at the words on the screen and she's rockin' it!'

Should I be proud?

But everyone has to have a backup plan, right? I started a new job with the Web Solutions team of Shaw Communications. Two weeks into my tenure, we had a social afternoon scheduled ... at a karaoke bar.

I was confident I would do Ice Ice Baby. But when we got to the bar and started flipping through the song list, it wasn't there.

I panicked! I looked for an escape route! I stammered! I stuttered! I ... no, not really. I was a tad relieved, knowing I wasn't quite ready to shame myself in that way in front of my new colleagues.

No, no, new Angela, you have to do a song.

Good grief, what's left?

Well, what other kitschy rap song could I do? Hmmm, I know!

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