Monday, October 12, 2009

Taking risks

Answer the question:

Professionally? I would quit my job and start a freelance writing business.

Personally? I would jump headlong into a fiery romance and actually trust somebody.



  1. I would tell my crush how I feel. I would fight for the raise I deserve. I would travel around the world.

  2. Professionally? I'd cut my (dream) job to part-time, travel more and write a few books.

    Personally? I'd be packing up a U-Haul to move to Colorado/Wyoming, living in a beautiful region and tell someone I love him.

  3. Personally and professionally I'm already doing what I want. So, if I knew I couldn't fail, I'd try a 360 jump on skis.

    I'm afraid to try it because I don't want to blow my knees and ruin my running, skiing, and all the other stuff I do. At 41 my knees are in good shape and I'd like it to stay that way.