Thursday, July 2, 2009

An aching heart

Marriages, it seems, are falling apart all around me.

I've been told I'm 'at that age' when my friends and family members take new steps on paths divergent from that of their partner.

It seems such simple reasoning and yet no less painful to watch hearts break or build up walls.

It could have been so easy: apply for a job, take the plunge, and go back home. Be there for my loved ones who are enduring these incredible, heart-wrenching, momentous changes in their lives.

To help them through their agony, their survival and their revival.

But what of my own? There's been a new me emerge in the last year . . . a more confident, stronger and, yes even, hopeful me.

Would I lose all that?

My heart is torn over the desire to be there for them and the need to take care of myself, especially when good things are starting to happen right where I already am.

Is it selfish? Is it neglectful of my friends and family?

Can I be there for them and yet not leave the place where I knew I always belonged?

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  1. But don't you think it's up to them to set out on that same journey that you seem to be struggling through and realize themselves who they are or what they want? Support cannot make the decision for them; it may make it easier but ultimately one has to look inside themselves to decide what makes them happy? ....maybe I should have been a writer! :)