Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The proverbial straw takes my back out

I never enter lightly the decision to drop someone as a friend.

Although with Facebook, Twitter and the like, it's an easy task ... hit the little X next to that person's name and voila! presto, chango, they're gone.

I did that today.

The individual in question, whom we shall call Gasbag, responded to my Facebook status bemoaning cutbacks at one of my former newspapers.

He wrote: And people wonder why we newbies mock the 'old' media. Sad sad situation.

To demean those of us who have bled ink for a lifetime by admitting he 'mocks' us is something for which I won't stand.

To fail to respect those of us who have paved the way for the foundation of 'new' media is not easily forgiven in my world.

To forget many of my other Facebook friends are journalists - and many of us have been laid off by an industry we gave an unrequited love - is incredibly insensitive.

Gasbag and I have engaged in debate over the state of journalism prior to today. And his inability to listen, never mind understand, an opposing opinion has been remarkable.

Now I know all two of you who may stumble upon this post may see shades of me in what I just said.

That's something I humbly accept. It's also something I'm trying to improve about myself.

And as such, I can't have in my life a person who will negate with his words the improvements I try to make in me.

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