Thursday, March 22, 2007

Peeling away the layers

Isn't it amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do ... for the soul?

Last weekend, we started transforming my wee little dungeon with the permission of my landlord.

If I was going to stay there another year, dammit, there was no way those walls were going to be that dingy ... and no amount of bleach was going to help.

Frosted lemon in the bathroom, butter cream in the kitchen, mystical sea in the bedroom.

And just the living-room is left for this weekend.

We've already pulled away the horribly tacky wallpaper border that ringed the ceiling.

Karina grabbed hold of one end and started pulling. She stopped after a good hard yank and we both wanted to vomit.

The wall space hidden by the border was as white as white could be. We started to understand that the colour of the wall was a decent white battered by years of smoking renters and a lack of will to clean.

But here's the point ... when you pull away your tacky wallpaper border, what's left behind?

Another friend, who shall remain nameless, just turned 35. She was rather upset about it at the time.

Having that year of my life almost completely under my belt -- Aug. 18 is 36, write it down, commit to memory -- I counselled her.

It really isn't as bad a number as it seems.

It has been a time of transformation, a time of realization.

Who is this Flash that everyone thinks they know so well? Trouble is, Flash didn't know.

But when you've had everything you know torn away -- your heart, your dignity, your job, your soul -- it's a good time to start rebuilding.

From scratch.

Flash doesn't like to drink beer.

Flash doesn't like to drink.

OK, maybe a glass of red wine with dinner and the occasional beer at a hockey game.

But last summer was ridiculous ... closing the ballpark down every Wednesday night and twice on Sunday? Good grief ...

Flash doesn't like to party.

Flash would rather spend the time at the gym.

Or walking the dog.

Or in quiet conversation with a few good friends.

Or cuddled up on the futon watching movies.

And she really has to stop talking in the third person!

35 has been an eye-opener, an awakening.

My friend is in the beginning steps of her awakening. And if I can hold her hand or give her a shoulder to cry on, I will.

The pushoff in the little dingy is through rough waters but once you get to the open sea, it's smooth sailing and everything starts to fall into place.

And there really is more to life than the ballpark and the junior high dynamics that go with it.

So, I was long overdue for that fresh coat of paint.

And the one I chose has the words 'Cover Girl' and 'age-defying' on the label ...

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