Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy what now?

Today sucks for a lot of people.

Not me. I guess you would have had to have a good Valentine's Day at least once in your life to have expectations for the day.

First boyfriend: Emotionally abusive stalker, who used roses as a way to entangle me in his misogynistic trappings ... you can't wear that shirt, you can't hang out with your friends. Ditched him soon after he told me I was going to be a teacher ... bahahahahah!

Second boyfriend: Dirt poor. Spent his meager earnings on dope. Took my money when he had none.

Third boyfriend: Thought romance was wasted on women, simply because his ex-fiancee dumped his ass when she figured out she wanted more out of life than Westsyde.

Most recent involvement: Well, I wasn't the only girl he was with and she found out about me around this time last year. Didn't make for a solid V-Day on any end of that triangle.

So it's just another day ... if I could manage to turn the TV and radio off and not listen to all these people flogging this Hallmark Holiday and telling me to love the one I'm with.

That's my dog. And I love him with all my heart ... except for yesterday when he snuck out of the backyard to dig at the garbage and munch on a frozen head of lettuce that the boys upstairs threw out.

Or is it my girlfriends? They've been an amazing support system through these last lonely months of solitude. Of course, I love them, too.

But it sure would be nice to cozy up to a warm set of arms one of these days soon.

Except for one thing ... Valentine's Day ... acronym V.D. ... isn't that a dangerous thing?

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